Imagination design.

From ideas to life.





Stella Clara Studio exists to enflesh imaginative capital into physical products, for your own enjoyment/jouissance or your organization's goals. 

Stella Clara Studio strives to prioritize projects with a social conscience. To this end, SCS only accepts commissions from individuals and organizations whose principles accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights  and universal human love.


Everyday influencers of Stella Clara Studio include the following imaginative women.

hannah arendt.

"The cultural treasures of the past, believed to be dead, are being made to speak, in the course of which it turns out that they propose things altogether different than what had been thought."

bell hooks.

“No black woman writer in this culture can write "too much." ...No woman has ever written enough.” 

julia kristeva.

"Life resists its own aestheticization, sees itself as an activity (praxis) that cannot be reduced to a simple product (poiesis), & allows itself to be shared by the irreducible plurality of those who are living."

ruth asawa.

"Art is doing. Art deals directly with life."


“Cultivating our inner human light, making it visible in our everyday worlds: that is the work of a lifetime.”

jesse morales  |  founder & imagination designer